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    Your hub for everything football related!

  • Sudharshan Chakravarthy

    Sudharshan Chakravarthy

    Just another freaky, trimethylxanthine addict.

  • Elizabeth Sullivan

    Elizabeth Sullivan

    Fitness & Nutrition Consultant|Author| Founder | Trainer in a Box www.personaltrainerinabox.com IG @elizabethkayfit www.iwearmuscles.com

  • Chhavi Saluja

    Chhavi Saluja

    Cloud Strategy Advisor at Capgemini Invent | Data Science, Machine Learning & Deep Learning Enthusiast

  • wiem khelifi

    wiem khelifi

  • Amogh Tambad

    Amogh Tambad

    Engineering Student | Football Fanatic | Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence admirer

  • Harish -

    Harish -

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